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About Konflux

Konflux is a solo project of the US based DJ and producer Vasily M. Born and raised in Russia he relocated to the states in 2001. Living in Los Angeles and frequenting San Francisco he soon gained recognition within the local psytrance communities.

Having over ten years of experience in producing multifarious styles of electronic dance music, Vasily began making psy-trance in 2004. A light-hearted, elegant, yet pounding and groovy style can be roughly described as "a blend of Light Night and Heavy Morning Psychedelic Music". Rock, Jazz, [Happy] Hardcore, Drum'n'Bass, Techno and House have all made significant contributions to his style.

Konflux has spun across the United States alongside a multitude of international acts, participating in major events like Gaian Mind in Pennsylvannia, Burning Man in Nevada, Boom Festival Radio in Portugal and countless California outdoor gatherings.

Konflux has tunes released on UK's Phar Psyde, Italy's Looney Moon and Pixan, and Israel's Doof Records. More original tracks are on the way for 2009. He also has a currently inactive collaboration project Jetlux with the LA based producer Jeto, with releases on Divine Balance Records from Chicago and on Mumbai based Sonic Tantra.

Original Music Online

Released Music

Mentalism CD
V.A. - Mentalism compiled by Bodhisattva 13:20 (Full Circle Records, 2010)
Track No. 4 - "Insidious Muckbubbles" feat. Bodhi 13:20

Track listing coming soon.


Konflux - Out of Kontrol EP, 2010
Konflux - Out of Kontrol EP (Logical Light Prod., 2010)
Three spanking tracks for your mind and body.
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1. Konflux and Random - Out Of Kontrol
2. Konflux - Babaliscious
3. Konflux - Der Trommler 2010 VIP
VA - New Front Ears, 2009
V.A. - New Front Ears compiled by Gacid (Phar Psyde Records, 2009)
Track No. 5 - "D.N.A. Memories" feat. Synthetik Chaos
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1. GUINEA PIGS - Elemental
2. RASTALIENS - Strong Stuff
3. AJJA - Jazz Tech
4. ORGANIC HYBRID - Crux Event
6. PIRATED MACHINES - Fish And Chips
7. YAB YUM VS SHOTU - Pinapapa
8. EVP - Phar Away
10. DIRTY SAFFI - Shirty Daffy
VA - True And Psyche Tales, 2009
V.A. - True And Psyche Tales (Clock Tail Records, 2009)
Track No. 1 - "Trip Ping" featuring Cognoscenti aka Dai
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1. Konflux and Cognoscenti (Aka Dai) - Trip Ping
2. TSABEAT - Too Much Pressure
3. JAWS UNDERGROUND - P.N.R. (Point Of No Return)
5. OCELOT - Where R U Going
6. QUASAR - Ode To Robert Anton Wilson
7. ARAHAT - Mutated Forest
8. BODHISATTVA 13:20 - Hidden Memorandum
9. ORCA & CACTUS - Killing Kit. 10. ELECTRYPNOSE - Ornic (Synthetik Chaos Rmx)
11. PLANKTON (AUDIOPATHIK) - Omega And The Fatty Acids
VA - Psymmetrix and Other Animals, 2009
V.A. - Psymmetrix and Other Animals featuring Psymmetrix collaborations and remixes (Bom Shanka Music, 2009)

Track No. 10 - "Crack Pipes & Bongs" Konflux remix
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1. Parasense & Samadhi - Liberation (Psymmetrix Rmx)
2. Psymmetrix - The Tadpole (Tron Remix)
3. Psymmetrix & Rev - Burn In Nose
4. Illegal Machines - Adenoide remixed by Psymmetrix
5. Psymmetrix - Mutant Psychedelic
6. Psymmetrix - State Your Conciousness (Dirty Saffi Remix)
7. Psymmetrix & Satya - Why Are You Playing With Me?
8. Illegal Machines - Adenoide (Psymmetrix Remix)
9. Psymmetrix & Spyrallus - Kelvin Groove
10. Crack Pipes & Bongs remixed by Konflux
VA - Double Helix, 2008
V.A. - Double Helix (Doof Records, 2008)
Track No. 8 - "Cerebral Celebration"
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01. Peace Ka - Crazy World
02. Cactus - The Beast
03. Zirkin - Disordered Structure
04. Entropy - Monologue
05. REV - Squirm Diddle
06. Double R.E.L. - Scum of the earth (rmx)
07. Orca - We control the tempo
08. Konflux - Cerebral Celebration
09. Tetedset - Lost Fetish
VA - What's Up Pussy?, 2008
V.A. - What's Up Pussy? (Pixan Records, 2008)
Track No. 10 - "Emergency Experience"
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1. Bombax vs. Electrypnose - Coming Up Behind You
2. Ajja - Digitalion
3. Synthetik Chaos - Use With Caution
4. Jocid - Osaka (Vibez Rmx)
5. Illegal Machines vs. Synthetik Chaos - Decadance
6. Full Face - Fuckin' September
7. Shotu - Broken Whisky Bottle
8. Psykodroids - Kaoss Ressurection
9. Lagun - Extravaganza (Remix)
10. Konflux - Emergency Experience
VA - Visionary System, 2008
V.A. - Visionary System (Looney Moon Records, 2008)
Track No. 5 - "Not Myself"
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2. DIGITAL TALK - Random Access
3. PHATMATIX - Adrenaline
4. PSYMMETRIX - Polar Shift (Illegal Machines rmx)
5. KONFLUX - Not Myself
6. B55 - No Name
7. LENZ - Acid Mind
8. JUNESIX - Access System
9. KILLER B - Off My Nut
10. NUKLEALL - Neural Connection
VA - Sidewinder, 2007
V.A. - Sidewinder (Phar Psyde Records, 2007)
Track No. 5 - "Killer Joint"
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1. Subliminal System - Lost In The System
2. Morganism - 69 Dude
3. Electric Mirror - The New Order
4. Braincell - Big Brother
5. Konflux - Killer Joint
6. Module - Fried Chicken And Gasoline
7. Psymmetrix - In And Out
8. Rastaliens - Crazy On Chocolate
9. G-Nome - One Moment Please

Mixes Online

Summer Synergy Mix by Konflux, July, 2009 "Summer Synergy Studio Mix", recorded in the middle of the summer, 2009

Hot mid-summer days under the fervent sun. California sunshine. Warm nights and ocean breeze. Dancing on the beach. Liberation, deliverance, freedom. This mix offers a hot selection of unreleased tracks from Cali and Europe. Enjoy. (Tracklist)

Winterific Mix by Konflux, January, 2009 "Winterific Studio Mix", recorded in the end of January, 2009

What we have here is the hottie-hot selection of mostly unreleased tunes from talented psytrance producers and good friends all around the globe. We've got some amazing music from the UK, France, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, and of course the states represented by Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Here is the track listing. Enjoy.

Back 2 Nature Mix "'Back To Nature part II' Studio Mix", recorded on April 26, 2008

A special birthday mix recorded for 'Back To Nature II' party is the showcase of my latest psy-trance preferences. City people get tribal in the forest. Rebellious and romantic. Fresh and funky, this one is designed to make a trancer stomp with a huge smile. Indulge.

Exclusive Studio Mix "Exclusive Studio Mix", recorded on July 30, 2007

This set is comprised of some unreleased exclusive tunes as well as some new instant classics. Starting with UK's Asimilon's (1/2 of Psymmetrix) deep roller going into classic never-to-be-released Digital Talk and Triskell collaboration. Then Module's neuro-groovy song, Psymmetrix remixed by Illegal Machines, wild business of Electric Mirror, superb track from Shotu and Suddha, my own treatment of Psymmetrix's "Crack Pipes", then comes N.R.S. with a funky heavy number, followed by a monster tune from Dai aka Cognoscenti and topped off with a couple of Konflux tracks. Salut!

Dusk vs Dawn Mix "Dusk vs Dawn Mix", recorded on March 23, 2007

These days there is the distinction between different genres of psychedelic trance. This mix perfectly combines heavy and neurotic sounds of night time and groovy, bouncy elements of day time. The selection starts off with two of Konflux's tunes and continues the journey through some cutting-edge tracks by amazing artists from all over the globe. Recorded for DI.FM, you may leave your feedback on the forum.

Hellathon Mix "Hellathon Mix", recorded on February 02, 2006

The selection of tracks in this mix intended for night time but closely borders with warm and fuzzy morning, when people get their second wind in the sun. "Techy", groovy, on the harder side this one will sure make your legs stomp. The mix includes tunes by Azax Syndrom, Digital Talk, Hergma & Sine Die, Scorb, NRS, and yours truly Konflux.

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